Chiller Plants

Experience unparalleled cooling performance with Burak HVAC's Chiller Plants. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, our Chiller Plants deliver consistent cooling for large-scale applications.

VRV/VRF System

Key Features

High Efficiency

Our Chiller Plants are designed for high efficiency, providing optimal cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption.


Easily scale our Chiller Plants to meet the demands of various applications, ensuring consistent cooling performance even in large facilities.


Count on the reliability of our Chiller Plants for uninterrupted cooling, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

Advanced Controls

Utilize advanced control systems to optimize the performance and efficiency of our Chiller Plants, ensuring precise temperature control.

Low Maintenance

Benefit from low maintenance requirements of our Chiller Plants, reducing downtime and operational costs.


Commercial Buildings

Ideal for cooling large commercial buildings, shopping malls, and industrial facilities, providing efficient and reliable cooling solutions.

Data Centers

Ensure the optimal operating conditions of critical data center equipment with our Chiller Plants, preventing downtime and equipment failures.


Maintain precise temperature control in hospital facilities to ensure patient comfort and the safe operation of medical equipment.

Manufacturing Plants

Support efficient manufacturing operations by providing consistent and reliable cooling to production facilities.

Why Choose Chiller Plants from Burak HVAC?

Reliable Performance:

Experience reliable and consistent cooling performance with our Chiller Plants, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Energy Efficiency:

Benefit from the energy-efficient operation of our Chiller Plants, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Expert Support:

Receive expert support and maintenance services from our team to maximize the performance and lifespan of your Chiller Plants.

VRV / VRF System

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