Custom Air Conditioning

Experience tailored cooling solutions with Burak HVAC's Custom AC units. Designed to meet unique requirements, our custom AC systems ensure optimal comfort and efficiency in any environment.

VRV/VRF System

Key Features

Tailored Solutions

>Our Custom AC units are designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring precise cooling performance tailored to your space.

Flexible Design

Benefit from the flexibility of our Custom AC systems, which can be adapted to fit unique spaces and configurations.

Energy Efficiency

Experience energy-efficient cooling solutions with our Custom AC units, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Advanced Controls

Utilize advanced control systems to optimize the performance and efficiency of our Custom AC systems, ensuring precise temperature control.

Quality Components

Our Custom AC units are built with high-quality components for reliable performance and longevity.


Commercial Spaces

Ideal for offices, retail outlets, and commercial buildings where standard AC solutions may not be suitable.

Industrial Facilities

Provide efficient cooling solutions for industrial facilities with specific temperature and humidity requirements.

Data Centers

Ensure optimal operating conditions for critical equipment in data centers with customized cooling solutions.

Healthcare Facilities

Create comfortable environments in hospitals and clinics with tailored cooling solutions for patients and medical staff.

Why Choose Custom AC from Burak HVAC?

Tailored Solutions:

Get customized cooling solutions designed to meet your unique requirements and specifications.

Expert Engineering:

Benefit from our expertise in engineering custom AC systems that deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

Reliable Support:

Count on our reliable support and maintenance services to ensure the long-term performance of your Custom AC units.

VRV / VRF System

Experience the Burak HVAC difference

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