Panel AC

Experience unmatched cooling comfort with Burak HVAC's Panel AC. Our advanced technology and sleek design redefine the standards of air conditioning, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics.

VRV/VRF System

Key Features

Sleek Design

>Our Panel AC units feature a sleek and modern design, seamlessly blending into any interior environment while enhancing aesthetics.

Efficient Cooling

Experience rapid and efficient cooling with our advanced Panel AC technology, ensuring comfortable indoor environments even in extreme temperatures.

Energy Savings

Our Panel AC units are designed for optimal energy efficiency, helping you save on electricity bills while enjoying superior cooling performance.

Smart Controls

Control and monitor your indoor climate with ease using intuitive smart control features, ensuring personalized comfort at your fingertips.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy peaceful and quiet environments with our Panel AC units, engineered for whisper-quiet operation, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.


Residential Spaces

Ideal for cooling individual rooms or apartments in residential complexes, providing personalized comfort and climate control.

Office Cubicles

Create comfortable working environments in office cubicles or small office spaces with our efficient and space-saving Panel AC units.

Retail Stores

Maintain optimal temperatures in retail stores, enhancing customer comfort and satisfaction while preserving product integrity.

Server Rooms

Ensure the efficient cooling of critical server rooms and data centers, preventing equipment overheating and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Why Choose Panel AC from Burak HVAC?

Efficient Cooling:

Experience rapid and efficient cooling performance, ensuring comfortable indoor environments even during hot summer days.

Space-Saving Design:

Our Panel AC units feature a compact and space-saving design, perfect for installations in limited spaces without compromising cooling efficiency.

Reliable Operation:

Count on the reliability and durability of our Panel AC units, ensuring consistent cooling performance and longevity.

VRV / VRF System

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